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About Dr Lisandro Carbò


Dr Lisandro Carbò is dedicated exclusively to orthopedic knee surgery, ranging from ligamentous and cartilage sports injuries to joint replacement. He is an expert and consultant in knee reconstructive surgery, opting for alternative biological knee preservation therapies in cases of selected diagnosis.

He performs 350 joint replacement surgeries a year and is an expert in complex prosthetic replacements for mechanical or infectious reasons. 

He develops his medical practice mainly as a staff doctor at the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires.  since 2015. Together with the Italian Hospital team, he has received the award for the best scientific work on knee from the Argentine Hip and Knee Association numerous times (2018, 2019, 2021, 2022) and presents intense academic activity as consultant, lecturer and member of national and international scientific associations.


Its administrative work team and secretaries are trained to provide active service to patients in the most time-effective way and for containment and scheduled and emergency consultations, being a work team with numerous interconsultations and referrals.


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires. He developed specific training in the knee area in prestigious institutions such as the Dexeus Institute in Barcelona, Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires and Helios Endoklinik, Hamburg, Germany.








Orthopedics and Traumatology Service Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires 

Staff of the Arthroscopy and Knee Prosthesis Sector 

Coordinator of the Reconstructive Surgery Unit Hospital Italiano Buenos Aires.




Special interest and knowledge


Total knee replacement

Complex joint reconstructions using bone transplants


Ligament reconstructions

Biological therapies for cartilage injuries

Education & Training

Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires

Specific training in the knee area

Dexeus Institute in Barcelona 

Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires

Helios Endoklinik, Hamburg; Germany.

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