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Review in 1 time in infection

Revision knee arthroplasty is a surgical procedure performed when a previously implanted knee prosthesis requires replacement or revision due to complications, excessive wear, loosening, or other reasons. This procedure is more complex than the first arthroplasty and is performed in one or two surgical times depending on several factors.


The surgical time for a revision knee arthroplasty is generally longer than for an initial replacement surgery, due to factors such as the need to remove the previous prosthesis, address existing complications, and restore damaged tissue and bone. The surgery may vary in duration depending on the complexity of each case.


In revisions of infectious causes, the standard practice is to perform surgery in two surgical stages. That is to say, in a first surgery the implant is removed and the infectious disease treatment indicated is immediately begun and then (usually after 6-8 weeks) a definitive implant is performed in a second surgery.

However, various centers and their surgeons were developing a technique in a surgical time. To perform this type of surgery, several aspects must be met (patient, surgeon, center where the procedure is carried out) to allow the practice to be carried out safely. Dr Carbo was trained at the center where this type of surgery was perfected (Endo-Klinik, Hamburg, Germany) and is currently performing it in Argentina.


Each revision knee arthroplasty case is unique, and the surgeon will carefully evaluate the situation before deciding on the most appropriate surgical approach. Patients requiring a review will thoroughly discuss the benefits, risks and expectations with Dr Carbo before proceeding.

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