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Total knee replacement

TKR continues to be a surgical solution that provides excellent quality of life in the treatment of a joint severely affected by degenerative osteoarthritis (wear of the articular cartilage) or inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis. It is generally used when other less invasive procedures do not relieve symptoms of pain, inflammation, or mechanical locking of the knee.


Total knee replacement will only be recommended when appropriate pain medications, activity modification, and other surgical solutions (such as injections) have not satisfactorily relieved symptoms.

Prosthetic designs and technology applied to surgery

Building on recent research into normal knee motion, teams of engineers and surgeons have designed knee prostheses that allow for more biomechanically physiological motion. Among these are prosthesesmedial pivot or designs that use an insertultracongruent or anterior stabilized. Both are used in most joint replacement centers around the world, with excellent survival rates (greater than 15 years) and patient satisfaction.

Technological advancement brings with it new tools (such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality) so that the surgeon can obtain data within the surgery and make the latter much more precise. This is how the use of computerized systems that assist in surgery increases year after year. Currently at the Italian Hospital of Buenos Aires, Dr Carbó uses the equipment called ROSA (Zimmer Biomet), from its acronym “Robotic Surgical Assistant” to perform joint replacement surgeries.

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